CMA3000 Accelerometers - Obsolete

Ultra Small Size, Low Power 3-axis Accelerometer

CMA3000-D01 with digital SPI and I2C interfaces is optimised for systems requiring ultra low power. It has user selectable frequency response and ultra low 7…70 uA current consumption. Interrupt signal can be triggered by data ready, motion and free fall.

  • Size 2.0 x 2.0 x 0.95 mm3 (w x l x h)
  • 1.7V-3.6V supply voltage, separate I/O supply
  • Measurement mode 70/50/11μA at 400/100/40 Hz output sample rate
  • Motion detector mode 7μA at 10 Hz output sample rate
  • Selectable ±2g or ±8g measurement range with 8 bit resolution
  • Data ready, motion and free fall detectors with interrupt functionality
  • Selectable digital SPI and I2C interfaces

CMA3000-A01 has three continuous time ratiometric analog output signals to enable easy integration in systems where AD-converter is available. It's current consumption is 180 uA.

  • Low power
  • Small size
  • High performance
  • High shock durability

Consumer Electronics

  • Game/UI control
  • Power management
  • Activity monitoring
  • Speed and distance measurement
Product No.
of axis
Sensitivity Signal bandwidth
CMA3000-D01 3 ±2 or ±8 1.7-3.6 -40...+85 56 LSB/g 80 Digital/SPI, I2C
CMA3000-A01 3 ±2 or ±8 1.7-3.6 -40...+85 Vdd/6 V/g 120 Analog


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