Murata MEMS Evaluation Unit

MEMS Eval Board with SCC1300 Sensor Board

The Murata MEMS Evaluation Unit demonstrates the functionality and key properties of Murata's MEMS sensors. The Evaluation Board is connected to PC's USB port and operated through a Graphical User Interface (GUI) software.

The Murata MEMS Evaluation Board supports various types of Murata MEMS sensors. The MEMS sensors are connected to the Evaluation Board by using a chip carrier PCB or an external extension board. The digital accelerometers and gyroscope evaluation units are available as chip carrier PCB units and analog inclinometers as extension boards with high accuracy A/D converter. The Evaluation Board hardware is powered from a computer USB port or optionally from an external 7...15 V DC power supply.

The Evaluation Board offers an easy way to:

  • Java Based Graphical User Interface, support for Windows / Linux
  • Sensor output in graphical format
  • Data logging with time stamps
  • Data rate and average calculation configuration options
  • Powered from PC USB port or optionally from external 7...15 VDC power supply


Murata MEMS GUI Software for Windows / Linux



Interface Board

SCC1300 Sensor Board


Digital Accelerometer
Sensor Board

Analog Acc/Inclinometer
SCA10xx Sensor Board


  Order information

Order Code Description
MEMS-EVAL-BOARD Interface Board (no Sensor Board included)


Sensor Board

Order Code Description
SCA100T-D01-PCB 2 axis Inclinometer ±30°
SCA100T-D02-PCB 2 axis Inclinometer ±90°
SCA100T-D07-PCB 2 axis Accelerometer ±12g
SCA103T-D04-PCB Diff. Inclinometer ±15° 
SCA103T-D05-PCB Diff. Inclinometer ±30° 
SCA1000-N1000070-PCB 2 axis Accelerometer ±4g
SCA830-D07-PCB Digital Inclinometer ±90°
SCA830-D06-PCB 1 axis Accelerometer ±2g
SCA2100-D02-PCB 2 axis Accelerometer ±2g
SCA3100-D04-PCB 3 axis Accelerometer ±2g
SCA3100-D07-PCB 3 axis Accelerometer ±6g 
1 axis Gyro + 3 axis Accelerometer Combo


Ordering Note: MEMS Evaluation Unit needs both Interface Board and product specific Sensor Board.

The same Interface Board can be used with all Sensor Boards.

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