CMA3000 Demo Kit - Obsolete

CMA3000 demo kitThe CMA3000 demo kit demonstrates the CMA3000 series accelerometer functionality and its key properties. The demo kit is operated through the Graphical User Interface (GUI) software.

The GUI software controls the hardware with serial virtual com port driver. The hardware consists of the USB interface board which supports CMA3000-D0X series digital output accelerometers. The USB interface board supports CMA3000-D0X PWBs.The demo kit hardware is powered from a PCs USB port.

The demo kit offers users an easy way to

CMA3000 Demo Kit

  • view CMA3000 output data in different formats [g], [°]
  • access all CMA3000 internal registers
  • log the CMA3000 output data

The CMA3000 demo kit can also be used without GUI software for more advanced data logging and usage.

Below files to be downloaded related to the demo kit. More information and documentation can be found on the right.

CMA3000 Demo Gui Installer

Virtual com port_drivers CMA3000-SCA3000-SCP1000 demo








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