VTI's 3-axis acceleration sensor for new biofeedback device

VTI Technologies supplies its new SCA3000 3-axis accelerometer for a novel Swiss-made biofeedback device named ikcal.

The purpose of ikcal is to promote the awareness of medium- and long-term measures aimed at behavioral modification. It measures individual's calorie consumption through physical activity and compares this with their personal energy uptake in the form of food consumption on daily basis. In addition to the energy balance, the ikcal also indicates whether a person is exercising sufficiently. The physical activity is calculated by measuring the heart rate and the acceleration which are converted into kilocalories.

There is a great need for this kind of biofeedback device. The alarming fact is that more and more people in the industrial nations suffer from chronic obesity. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the global incidence of obesity has risen in the last ten years from 10% to 14%. Several renowned Swiss institutions from the areas of science, technology and sport were involved in the research for and development of the ikcal.

"The VTI SCA3000 was selected for our ikcal biofeedback device due to its high accuracy and ultra-low power consumption," states Mr. Jeff Wakeman of Teltronic AG.

"The SCA3000 breaks new ground when it comes to low current performance. This helps to prolong the battery life, which is critical for good user experience in many consumer applications," says Pekka Kostiainen, Product Manager of VTI Technologies.

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Tiina Olkkonen, Vice President, Corporate Communications, VTI Technologies, tel. +358 40 827 8844, tiina [dot] olkkonen [at] vti [dot] fi

Pekka Kostiainen, Product Manager, VTI Technologies, tel. +358 9 879 181

Jeff Wakeman, Sales and Marketing Manager, Teltronic AG, tel. +41 32 671 6111,  jeff [dot] wakeman [at] teltronic [dot] ch


VTI in Brief

VTI Technologies is a global market leader of low-g acceleration sensors for automotive industry applications and Cardiac Rhythm Management (CRM). Application areas for the company's motion and pressure sensors include the automotive industry, Sports & Wellness, Medical & Instruments as well as handheld terminals. 

VTI develops and produces silicon-based capacitive sensors using its proprietary 3D MEMS (MicroElectroMechanicalSystem) technology, with application areas in acceleration, inclination, shock, vibration, angular rate and pressure measurement.

VTI is owned by EQT III private equity fund. VTI's net sales in 2005 totaled EUR 75 million and the company has approx. 700 employees. Along with the head office in Finland and the global partner network, VTI's international sales and marketing network includes offices in Germany, USA, Japan and China. Besides Finland, VTI also has manufacturing operations in Mexico. More than 99% of the company's products are sold on international markets. 


Teltronic AG in Brief

Teltronic has been designing and producing consumer and industrial electronic devices for almost 30 years. The company is based in Switzerland and is dedicated to producing high-quality devices with focus on the automotive and medical fields.

Teltronic is privately owned and has approximately 40 employees all working in Switzerland. The company has experienced continuous growth and had its best year ever in 2006.

Teltronic offers a large range of services in the electronics field including engineering, manufacturing and test. In the past, the company has focused on engineering and producing devices for third parties. Ikcal is the first device that the company has designed and produced that belongs to Teltronic. For more information please visit: www.teltronic.ch.

In order to help sell and market ikcal, Teltronic has chosen Medical Care Consulting AG. MCC AG is a young, dynamic and innovative distribution company which was founded in 2004 and today is headquartered in Baar, Switzerland. For more information please visit: www.ikcal.eu

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