VTI announces smallest and lowest power-consuming 3-axis acceleration sensor

Targeting motion measurement and control applications in portable consumer electronics, VTI Technologies today at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas announced the world's smallest and lowest power consuming 3-axis accelerometer, the CMA3000.

Enabled by VTI's RoHS compatible wafer level packaging, which removes the need for a plastic housing, the size of the soldered CMA3000 is a mere 2x2x0.9 mm3.  Consuming less than 10 uA when powered with 1.8 V supply voltage, the sensor is ideal for continuous usage in small battery powered devices, such as mobile phones, gaming devices and sports electronics. Together, the small size and ultra-low power consumption enable designers to innovate with less constrains, opening up new possibilities for accelerometer applications in consumer electronics.

"The 3-axis accelerometer market is booming, and CMA3000's small size and ultra low current consumption will help our customers to differentiate with their accelerometer enabled products within that huge market. Wouldn't it be great, if you could run say your activity monitoring application for 5000h - that's 7 months 24/7 - without the need to change the battery?" says Pekka Kostiainen, Product Manager at VTI.

The CMA3000 is available both in digital and analog versions. The digital CMA3000-D01 version has been optimised for systems requiring ultra low power consumption. Depending on the output sample rate the sensor's current consumption is between 70 and 7 uA. The sensors embedded interrupt functionality can be used to optimise system power consumption even further.

The analog CMA3000-A01 has three continuous time ratiometric output signals to enable easy integration in systems where AD-converter is available.

Volume production of the CMA3000 is starting during 1Q 2009.  Samples of both CMA3000-D01 and CMA3000-A01 are available trough Digi-Key.

Further Information:
Pekka Kostiainen, Product Manager, tel. +358 9 879 181, firstname [dot] lastname [at] vtitechnologies [dot] com

North America:
Scott  Smyser, Vice President and General Manager, North America,
tel. +1 626 463 7025, firstname [dot] lastname [at] vtitechnologies [dot] com

About VTI Technologies:

VTI Technologies is a leading supplier of acceleration, inclination, motion and pressure sensor solutions for automotive, medical, instrument and consumer applications. VTI develops and produces silicon-based capacitive sensors using its proprietary 3D MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical System) technology.

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