SCC1300 Combo Sensor Enables Cost Savings in Precision Agriculture

Based on VTI’s long experience as a reliable supplier of sensors for automotive safety applications, the company today is also developing MEMS solutions that are perfectly suitable for the most demanding agricultural and other heavy machinery applications.

Sensor requirements for heavy machinery are typically higher than for passenger car applications due to the more difficult working conditions. Components have to withstand extremely harsh conditions, including very high or low temperatures, moisture, dust, shock and/or continuous vibration. Harvesters, forest machines, tractors, mining equipment and other heavy machinery also typically require longer component lifetime. Sensors have to withstand these conditions without compromising high performance and accuracy.

“VTI’s proprietary 3D MEMS technology, together with a state-of-the-art ASIC and highly reliable packaging solution, results in very stable, robust and accurate sensors that perfectly meet the requirements of these demanding applications,” says Mr. Ville Nurmiainen, VTI Product Manager for Gyros.

Major Savings in Precision Agriculture

One growing sensor application field is precision agriculture. As in any other industry today, the objective is to increase efficiency by cutting costs, saving time and ensuring maximum output from the fields. Modern sensor technology can be used to achieve these objectives. VTI MEMS gyroscopes are perfectly adapted to the most accurate GPS systems that are used in the position control of farming equipment. 

“GPS systems are not capable of defining the orientation of a stationary vehicle. VTI Gyro combo sensors are used to compensate for GPS systems by measuring the tilt, pitch and yaw of the antenna, which is typically several meters above the ground and changing position as the inclination of the vehicle changes over the terrain,” explains Ville Nurmiainen.

“The VTI Gyro also controls the steering of the vehicle at the end of the pass, enabling accurate auto-steering functionality and significantly improving the effectiveness of equipment time. One of our leading customers calculates that an auto-steering system combined with VTI sensors can achieve savings of up to 20% in typical farm use.”

VTI in Brief
VTI Technologies is a leading supplier of acceleration, inclination and angular motion sensor solutions for transportation, medical, instrument and consumer electronics applications. In their end-use applications, VTI’s products improve safety and quality of life. The silicon-based capacitive sensors are based on the company’s proprietary 3D MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical System) technology. Since 30 January 2012, VTI is owned by Murata.  For more information, please visit

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