Decisions by VTI Technologies Oy's Annual General Meeting

VTI Technologies Oy's Annual General Meeting decided on March 13, 2007 to approve the Group's annual accounts for 2006.


The Annual General Meeting decided according to the proposal by the Board of Directors that no dividends are distributed and that the parent company's net profit of 3.688.186,94 euros for the financial year 2006 is allocated to retained earnings.

Discharge from liability

The Annual General Meeting granted the Members of the Board of Directors and the Company's President and CEO discharge from liability for the accounts.

The Members of the Board of Directors

The Annual General Meeting decided that the Board of Directors will consist of six ordinary members and one deputy member. It was resolved to elect Mr. Peter Grafoner, Mr. Kurt Hellström, Mr. Hasse Johansson, Mr. Juha Lindfors, Mr. Tuomo Lähdesmäki and as a new member Mr. Petri Myllyneva. Mr. Joonas Kettunen was elected as deputy member of the Board of Directors.


It was resolved to re-elect PricewaterhouseCoopers Oy as the company's auditor with Mr. Kari Lydman as the responsible auditor.

Further information

Ilkka Virtanen, CFO, VTI Technologies Oy, ilkka [dot] virtanen [at] vti [dot] fi , tel. +358 40 545 0151
Tiina Olkkonen, Vice President, Corporate Communications, VTI Technologies Oy, tiina [dot] olkkonen [at] vti [dot] fi , tel. +358 40 827 8844


VTI in Brief

VTI Technologies is a global market leader of low-g acceleration sensors for automotive industry applications and Cardiac Rhythm Management (CRM). Application areas for the company's motion and pressure sensors include the automotive industry, sports & wellness, medical & instruments as well as handheld terminals.

VTI develops and produces silicon-based capacitive sensors using its proprietary 3D MEMS (MicroElectroMechanicalSystem) technology, with application areas in acceleration, inclination, shock, vibration, angular rate and pressure measurement.

VTI is owned by EQT III private equity fund. VTI's net sales in 2006 totaled EUR 72,4 million and the company has approx. 700 employees. Along with the head office in Finland and the global partner network, VTI's international sales and marketing network includes offices in Germany, USA, Japan and China. Besides Finland, VTI also has manufacturing operations in Mexico. More than 99% of the company's products are sold on international markets. 

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