In medical and healthcare applications Murata's medical sensors enable improved care and a better quality of life for patients. Medical sensors increase the intelligence of life supporting transplants, and they can be used in new types of patient monitoring applications that allow patients to lead more independent lives. Detecting signals triggered by symptoms helps optimize medication and prevent serious attacks of illness.

Murata's solutions are based on the company’s proprietary 3D MEMS technology that enhances healthcare devices in many ways. For pacemakers, for example, accuracy, low power and reliability are the key parameters: more accurate activity monitoring means the patient’s heart rate can be adjusted to match precisely the needs of the patient. Murata's unique MEMS design, which combines single crystal silicon and glass, ensures exceptional reliability, unprecedented accuracy and excellent stability over time. The power requirements of these medical sensors are extremely low, which gives them a significant advantage in small battery-operated devices. 3D MEMS technology enables ever smaller sensors and batteries to be designed, thus meeting the miniaturization requirements of manufacturers of implantable devices.

Pacemakers are not the only healthcare application for Murata's medical sensors. Based on the company’s long experience in pressure sensing technology, Murata is today well positioned to offer a wide range of pressure sensors for healthcare applications. Device developers and manufacturers of many existing and emerging healthcare applications have been able to reach their power and size requirements thanks to Murata's pressure sensor dies.

For over 15 years Murata Electronics Oy has designed and supplied customized products for medical device manufacturers with zero field returns. The entire supply chain, from design and manufacturing to testing and packaging, takes place at Murata Electronics Oy's factory located in Finland. The factory boasts extremely strict quality systems as required by the automotive industry, another major customer segment of Murata.

Medical Sensor Benefits:

  • Small size
  • Excellent accuracy
  • Low power consumption

Application Examples:

  • Pacemakers
  • Invasive pressure measurement applications: measuring of blood, brain or abdominal pressure invasively, for example
  • Non-invasive pressure measurement applications: measuring of blood, eye pressure, etc., non-invasively or measuring barometric pressure for reference purposes
  • Diagnostic and treatment equipment positioning applications: high precision positioning of equipment such as surgery tables, prostheses and medical imaging equipment
  • Patient monitoring applications: movement and position monitoring

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