Open Vacancies

Small Sensors, Huge Opportunities

Our ambitious mission is to build a safer, healthier and more enjoyable world. Big visions, big objectives - but all this is possible thanks to our tiny MEMS sensors.

What is a MEMS sensor? You probably own at least one yourself -in your car. Our sensors are used for example in automotive safety systems, helping you to drive safer. Every minute in the world, a pacemaker with our sensor in installed in a patent's heart, enabling to fully enjoy life. In the coming years, more and more of our sensors will be found in various consumer electronics devices.

Join us!

We are constantly looking for new talent to join this exciting MEMS world and Murata's success story! You can find a more comprehensive list of our open positions on our Finnish website:

Please send your open application to jobs [at] murata [dot] fi. You can also visit other Murata websites to check regional open vacancies.

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