Murata Electronics Oy history

In 2012 VTI Technologies was acquired by Murata and the company changed its name to Murata Electronics Oy. Have a look at our history in brief!

1979: Technology development and knowledge database initiated.

1991: VTI established

1993: VTI a leading supplier low-g accelerometers for automotive suspension systems.

1994: VTI pioneers medical applications

1994: VTI a leading supplier of automotive braking and traction control system

1995: BREED Technologies acquire VTI.

1998: A new MEMS Fab in Finland

1999: VTI leading global supplier of low-g accelerometer for automotive stability control systems (ESP).

2002: EQT III private equity fund acquires VTI

2005: Construction of new facilities to doubled the premises in Finland

2007: Introduction of Chip-on-MEMS technology

2009: Introduction of the world’s smallest and least power consuming three-axis acceleration sensor, the CMA3000.

2010: VTI expands to consumer gyros and announces development of timing devices


  • VTI starts volume production of the CMR3000 consumer gyro.
  • VTI celebrates its 20th anniversary!


  • VTI launches the CMR3100 consumer gyro and Sensor Fusion solution.
  • VTI Technologies is acquired by Murata Manufacturing
  • VTI Technologies Oy becomes Murata Electronics Oy




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