Environmental Policy of Murata Electronics Oy

Murata Electronics Oy strives to protect the environment in all of our activities for a better everyday.  MFI understands and aims to exceed the environmental laws and regulations, and the environmental requirements of our customers.  Our objective is to constantly reduce, in all areas of operation, the contributors that have a detrimental effect to people or the environment. We are committed to protect the environment and to prevent pollution.

Product design aims to use a minimal amount of material to deliver the most functionality, and is completely void of restricted hazardous materials.  Packing and shipping materials and methods are designed following the principles of “reduce, reuse, recycle”.

Process design strives to be the most efficient, using a minimal amount of process material and energy to produce high-yielding products.  Process materials selection aims to avoid all substances of concern.

Decisions made in operations bear in mind any impact they may have on the environment, including global warming.  When feasible, best-available techniques are selected.  Processes and facilities are designed to protect the environment and the personnel in the area. 

Each person working for, and on behalf of MFI is required to operate in a responsible manner with respect to the environment, security and occupational safety. Personnel are informed and trained to work in the safest possible manner.

We inform our customers and other interest groups of our environmental operations and their development.

The management of Murata Electronics Oy is committed to implement this environmental policy by establishing and executing an environmental program.

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