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Murata Electronics Oy innovates, designs and manufactures tiny MEMS solutions that have a huge impact on the most valuable thing of all: life itself. Our products help improve road safety, enhance people's quality of life, and make the world a more enjoyable place.

Key Facts

  • Part of Murata (
  • Number of employees over 800
  • Manufacturing premises in Vantaa, Finland.


Murata Electronics Oy is the world's leading designer and manufacturer of silicon capacitive sensors: accelerometers, gyroscopes, combined sensors and inclinometers.
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The success of our products is based on the company's own unique 3D MEMS technology.
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Murata Electronics Oy's sensors measure acceleration, motion, shock, vibration, inclination and angular rate. The main application areas are automotive, medical, various industrial applications and consumer electronics.
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